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Thread: How to use an Imagehost for posting pictures on our forum.

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    Re: How to use an Imagehost for posting pictures on our forum.

    for imagevenue.

    The pictures must be on your own harddrive in a folder.

    1] Go to imagevenue

    2] When you get on the site of imagevenue you will see this:

    click to enlarge.

    3] Register on the site and login.

    4] Make a new [folder] and use this to upload.

    click to enlarge.

    5] Click on [browse]

    click to enlarge.

    6] a Small window will open and you will see your own folders on your HD.

    7] Go to the folder where the pictures are you want to upload. (to open this: double click left)

    8] First (left) click on the first one you want to upload.

    9] Hold the [shift] button and click on the last picture. You'll see that all the pictures in between are selected now.

    10] Click on [open] and the small window will disappear and you can see that all the selected pictures are in the right order on your screen under the [browse] button.

    11] Select in the drop down menu of : Image content 'What is this?.' the ADULT content option.
    This is important, because if you do not so, imagevenue will delete your pictures after a short period of time.

    12] Select in the dropdown menu of: Interlink Images: What is this?. YES.
    This will make a [<< Previous Next>>] in your folder/gallery.

    13] Select in the dropdown menu of: Thumbnail size: 250x250 OR 300x300

    14] Click on the : [Send file(s)] button.

    click to enlarge.

    There is NO need to resize your images to a smaller size, we like them big !

    All the pictures will be uploaded to imagevue now, this will take a while. You can see the progress.
    When its all done, you will see your uploaded pictures as thumbnails on your screen.
    Scroll down, under them you will find the URL links you need to post them on our forum.

    Copy all the links you see in the first box. They are good for posting on forums.
    (At other imagehosts this will be a differant place, but be sure you get the BBcodes, NOT THE HTML CODES).

    click to enlarge.

    Paste them in your post on our forum.

    click to enlarge.


    Have fun !!
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