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Thread: BabeUnion Forum Rules

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    Re: BabeUnion Forum Rules

    • You must be at least 18 years old to view this site. If any member is found to be under 18, the member will be banned.

    • Use the search function first. Don't make a new thread over and over for the same babe or topic. If one is already there, use it.


      They sent off a huge DMCA to us. Playboy images (even cropped of the trademark - but recognizable by the style) are not allowed on this forum.

    • We do not allow postings with pictures of underage persons.
      Each user who ignore this rule will be reported to the relevant institutions.
      We will send his mail, IP and other information we have about their account.

    • Don't post duplicate content - look through a thread before adding new images. We only allow duplicates if the resolution/size is higher/bigger, but make sure you say so in your post, or they will be removed.

    • Don't post full sets of pictures or download links to full sets of pictures. These full set postings will be removed, and repeated violations of this rule will be punished.
      21 pictures per photo-shoot is our maximum. We do not have the resources to deal with copyright or DMCA issues.

    • Don't post any links to download movies that are longer than 10 minutes.

    • Do not make several posts with only 4-5 random images. Just edit your last post until you reach the approved amount of 21.

    • Bumping threads with no actual content (like: Sexy babe, OMG she is beautyfull, I'd f*ck her, etc etc) is not what we want to see on this forum and will lead to an infraction. If you like a post, click 'Thanks' instead.

    • Hardcore content should only be posted in the forum reserved for it; hardcore content posted somewhere else will be removed.

    • No illegal porn - Posting bestiality of any kind or anyone underage will get you banned permanently faster than you can smell a fart.

    • No spamming - It is up to the mods and admins to determine what is spam (i.e. advertising links to pay sites, phishing, recruiting, etc.). If you see a post that appears to be spam, use the report post feature so a moderator will be notified.

    • Read the stickies - Forums with stickies have them there for a reason. Read them before you start posting.

    • No flaming - We can all get along here and those that don't will be gone.

    • English Only Please - We realize English may not be your first language, as it isn't for many of our members, but we would appreciate it if you attempt to use it and we understand that your grammar and spelling may be incorrect.

      There is NO discussion possible about this, we are not a democracy.

    • For a list of NOT ALLOWED babes:

    • For a list of ALLOWED Imagehosts:

    • And we have a good and understandable 'how to post thumbnail images' tutorial for you:

    Any member caught not following these rules will be subject to a penalty resulting in an infraction all the way up to a permanent ban. Please read and understand them.

    If there is something you do not understand just PM a moderator and they will help you with any questions.
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